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It takes a village

We all recognize this tagline, capturing the importance of our neighborhood networks to help parents raise well-adjusted children. It's not just our children who need the village though. We all need to feel a sense of belonging, and it is through our association with family, friends, colleagues, and thousands of cumulative, chance interactions that we shape ourselves into the people we aspire to become.

Professional coaching is a gift we give to ourselves to focus on our desire to become the best version of ourselves that we can be. This gift provides a supportive and neutral partner who can help us to see things from a different perspective - patterns of thoughts or behaviors that may be holding us back from achieving our dreams, or identifying strengths that we are not quite sure about how to use to our best advantage.

Take a moment to reflect on and appreciate those who are part of your own village, surrounding and supporting your emotional, physical, and spiritual well-being. It truly takes a village!

"We're in this together!" - Theresa McGlinchey, Chief Learning Officer, In It Together, LLC and dear friend

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