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Meet the Team

DD Coaching and Consulting is a family owned and operated business that was founded in 2018. Our mission is to help individuals and businesses reach their full potential through personalized coaching and consulting services.

We specialize in providing comprehensive, personalized services that address each individual's or business' unique needs. Our goal is to help our clients reach their goals and create a better future for themselves by positioning people for success.

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Debbie Deissroth

Background Details

Award-winning Human Resources Leader with demonstrated success supporting complex organizations in a wide range of industries, company sizes, and life cycles. Focused on Coaching and HR transformation, resulting in greater engagement, enhanced leadership and more adaptable and effective organizational cultures. Skilled in Leadership Development, Coaching, Team Building, Employee Engagement, and Change Management.


Jefferson Health NJ

  • As Corporate Director of Learning & Development, I created the entire functional area from the ground up, including a nationally recognized servant leadership program which resulted in significant improvement to employee engagement across the organization.

  • I also created a management development program for future leaders, and computer skills and patient experience training for all staff.

  • My most rewarding accomplishment was to implement the first Project SEARCH site in Southern New Jersey, helping young adults with Autism and other developmental disabilities to transition into competitive and meaningful employment, achieving greater independence.


Susquehanna Bancshares, Inc

  • As Vice President and Regional Human Resources Manager, I transformed the onboarding process for new hires and created check-in steps through their first-year of employment, ending with a celebratory first anniversary breakfast with the Region President to provide feedback and improve 1st year retention.

  • I also transformed the talent acquisition function and practices to serve the organization and business units more effectively with dedicated TA staff and collaborative work teams. I provided R&R (Recruitment and Retention) training to all managers to enhance their role as partners in the recruitment process and help them to achieve more Rest and Relaxation by nurturing fully staffed departments.

  • I created a field audit and round-table process to provide more meaningful service to the branch retail system and worked with leadership to create a strategic ethics campaign to ensure organizational commitment to ethical integrity.



  • As regional Human Resources Manager, I created centralized training and manager succession planning to reduce the number of stores without managers, contributing to better region performance.

  • I served as mentor to other HR managers throughout the east coast division and supported their growth and development to ensure their success and retention during times of rapid change.

  • I also partnered with many region presidents to implement multiple changes, including a continuous and monthly performance review process and use of dashboard metrics to manage their areas more effectively.


McLane Foodservice

  • As regional human resources manager, I partnered with division presidents to turnaround operations and become a top-performing operation through enhanced employee engagement.

  • As a Zenger-Miller and Birkman certified trainer, I supported three regions to develop leadership skills,  building a solid bench for succession-planning purposes.

  • I served as a change leader through an acquisition and cultural integration process to ensure retention and productivity remained at high levels. 

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Rob Deissroth

Background Details

Rob is a professional Coach with a passion for helping others reach their full potential. With a strong background in Psychology and an ACC certification through the ICF, Rob utilizes psychological theory, especially Emotional Intelligence, to connect with people and help them understand their own unique perspective. Rob's approach helps individuals overcome their obstacles and position themselves for success. 

Master of Arts Psychology

  • Educational background in Psychology helps me to understand people at an emotional level. Helps me pick up on things that others may miss, connect and empathize with people.

  • Concentration in Organizational Development allows me to apply Psychological theory to a business setting.

  • Volunteer's with Project SEARCH to help mentor young adults of high school age with Autism or other developmental disabilities to find meaningful and rewarding employment.

Emotional Intelligence

  • As a coach and a graduate of a Psychology program I became fascinated with the concept of Emotional Intelligence. Emotional Intelligence is the foundation of what coaching is for me. The topics that are brought into the coaching session  generally fall under one of the four pillars of Emotional Intelligence; Self Management, Social Awareness, Relationship Management, and Self Awareness.

  • Time Management is one of the most common things I have coached individuals on and is an example of Self Management.

  • Difficulty Delegating responsibilities and relying solely on oneself could be an example of Social Awareness.

  • Difficulty with Leadership, whether that is leading or being led, is an example of Relationship Management.

  • Finding out more about yourself, who you are as a person and promoting Self Awareness is the essence of coaching itself. 

Employment History

  • Brings a wealth of customer service knowledge and experience, with a combined 11 years in a variety of customer service roles.

  • Has demonstrated the ability to work in fast paced, high-pressure environments, and has always had a passion for training and leadership.

  • Solutions-focused approach that is underpinned by a strong team spirit, has led me to be a valued member of any team I have been a part of.

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